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Hi Folks,
My career with CDC NIOSH has been most interesting. (1) My first projects dealt with neurobehavioral toxicology. I examined the organic solvents at or below threshold level values for their health effects on neuro functioning and behavioral skills. The goal was to determine and publish findings to assess the safety of current organic solvent exposure levels. (2) This work was followed with the establishment of a strategic national research plan for assessing the impact of exposures from cumulative trauma to the musculoskeletal system.

From 1996-2009, I served as the Chief of the Information Resources Branch within the Education and Information Division of NIOSH in Cincinnati. Since 2006, I also had the pleasure of serving as the Institute’s coordinator for the Wholesale and Retail Trade (WRT) Sector. In this capacity I was able to assemble an external team of stakeholders who have jointly contributed to the first national research agenda for the WRT Sector. Based on detailed surveillance data from the BLS, my colleagues and I identified select sub sectors or businesses that have higher than average rates of nonfatal and fatal injuries. The current focus is on developing a public health campaign that will follow the surveillance data to those business (sub-sectors) that need information about the nature and causes of workplace injuries. This program is also developing methods or best practices for reducing high levels of overexertion injury.

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