Frank Hatch and Lenny Maietta


Frank Hatch holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Cybernetics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Since his youth he has performed as a modern dancer and choreographer/producer. He has been involved in founding academic programs in human motion and dance in three American universities. Since 1973 he has applied his experience and background in human motion and function to a broad spectrum of projects in the fields of psychology, medicine, education, industry and business. The outcome of his work is Maietta-Hatch Kinaesthetics.

Lenny Maietta (1950-2018) held a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. She has been engaged in the body processes of human development and personal achievement since her youth. She worked as a clinician in the USA and in Germany until 1977 when she began applying her background and education to the development of programs and training for human skills as varied as parent-infant handling, nursing, and special education methods for teachers, hipotherapy and horsemanship. Programs she has co-developed with Dr. Frank Hatch include couples relations, family interactions and leadership development. Together with Dr. Hatch she is the founder of Maietta-Hatch Kinaesthetics

Maietta-Hatch Kinaesthetics
The term Kinaesthetics is a play on the Greek word kinesis, meaning movement, and aesthetic, meaning appreciation. Drs. Maietta and Hatch have been commuting from New Mexico to Europe for 40 years and Japan for 15 years. They have trained over 1000 Kinaesthetics trainers who teach movement programs for health care professionals, patients, people with handicaps, people caring for family members at home, parents and children of all ages, medical centers and insurance companies.

Over 40,000 caregivers participate in Maietta-Hatch Kinaesthetics™ courses every year. Dr. Maietta and Dr. Hatch developed a new program in Europe to assist the elderly to maintain their independence at home.



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